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My name is Cyn

A girl of many hats: yoga teacher, wife, beagle-mother, baker, ex-tv host, ex-EA, and lululemon Ambassador - to name a few. 


Fundamentally tho, I am a firm believer in leaving the earth a better place than how we found it. Guided by Ahimsa (a yogi non-violence teaching) and doing everything from a place of good, I create and curate unique experiences that I truly believe in -  either by teaching, hand-birthing (read: hand-making), or by offering my services as event stylist/planner, stager, or anything I can lay my creative mind and hands to.

My first "baby" @cynfullysweets was born our of a place of necessity to remain sane. All this stagnant creative energy needed an outlet. Soon, other "babies" began to emerge. But it was via CynfullySweets that I was led down some amazing paths. From creating beautiful cakes, sweets, and sugar flowers, to meeting some pretty incredible clients, and getting flown with my cakes around the world to be a part of their day, participating in, and winning a dessert reality tv show, to a stint as a TV host for my very own show Creating Sweets in the Philippines. I've been a Part-Owner and recipe developer at a South American Diner @naxionaldiner, launched a designer sprinkles line @glampopph, and have worked with exceptional professional photographers, food/event stylists, magazine editors, tv producers, and creatives, all of whom I was incredibly fortunate to learn from and be inspired by.

Having found yoga, and learning to move inwards as a way to cultivate inner peace, love, and happiness...I have discovered that I can create and just be that...a creator. Without a specific label. So please browse as you like, find something you love or shoot me an email for an idea you may want to collaborate in, I am down for it all.

As a yoga teacher, my practice is centered around building a strong foundation, muscle engagement, and alignment to create a powerful practice that is playful and inspired. 

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