Three Ultimate Face Moisturizers for Fall

Maintaining your face's moisture in the cooler months can be a struggle. As the temperature drops, your skins ability to retain water is compromised leaving it feeling dry and irritated due to the harsh winds, low humidity and other harmful contributors (bad diet, central heating, etc.) which destroy its natural protective barrier. But by now, you know we're here to the rescue to get your skin looking and feeling great.

This time we've compiled our list of just our top three based on hundreds of reviews to sift out the creme-de-la-creme for your dehydrated face. As a bonus, they are all "Clean" products too, meaning all the products are free from contemptible ingredients like sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, and mineral oil.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

This insta-famous mask was formulated by two beauty bloggers that felt the market was lacking this specific type of product so they set out to create their own.

Why we love it? You don't have to wash it off, and it doubles as a rich moisturizer too. The duality allows for you to apply overnight when you need the extra moisture or use less and walk away feeling like your face is set in the morning.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice Oil-Free Moisturizer

We love everything this moisturizer brings to the table. Glow-riously rich in antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, and hydrating watermelon extract - it's the daily cocktail your skin doesn't know it needs but will be happy it drank.

Why we love it? Aside from doing its job, ahem - moisturize! It combats fine lines, wrinkles, and redness. Brightening away dull skin, and leaving behind sheer radiance.

OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Creme

Lets we forget, the area around your eyes needs special care (for one, the pours are four times smaller than the rest of your face here!) Brightening it up is also key since we've yet to meet a soul that is content with dark circles.

Why we love it? it's got banana-powder (a make-up artist fav) for color correcting dark circles. But it doesn't stop there. It delivers anti-aging fighting properties of vit c that specifically targets the signs of aging and works as a great base for your makeup (concealer), improving its longevity.

Want to keep doing amazing things for your face? Check out our post on Gua Sha Facials.

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