Get Ready for Barbecue Season With These Gorge Amazon Finds

We've all been waiting for this moment. The nice weather is finally here to stay, and ready or not, the guests will be calling. So we've rounded up some beautiful finds to spruce up the yard - or balcony, for a noteworthy space you can feel proud and relax in, catch a flick in or just frolic in.

Loving the space you're in is key to so many things. Your comfort, stress-level, and overall well being. Taking the time to design / add a few key pieces can go a long way to achieve this so we've carefully selected some of our favourite pieces we think you will honestly love. What's better is that they're all available from Amazon, making the whole shopping experience virtually painless, with the added convenience of getting it delivered right to your door.

1. LED String Outdoor Lights

This is a super quick spruce and mood setter for any space. Be it the balcony, yard, shed, pools. They are waterproof, can interconnect to extend the length, and are energy saving bulbs. So light the sky and extend your stays in the outdoors during the precious summer months. Get some here.

2. Faux Fur Sheepskin Throw / Chair Cover

The easiest way to add style. One is just not enough. Cover your favorite papason chair, make it a throw to update the look of your space, or as a cushion on a bench. Not to mention their super cozyness. Link via this Shop.

3. White on White Innit Chairs

Cute, and comfortable chairs for the many friends you plan to invite. Give them a space to park their tired keister so they can relax with you and unwind. Shop via this link.

4. Outdoor Flameless Black Candle Lanterns

Large statement pieces that double as mood lighting without adding fire hazards. Guaranteed to make your space more inviting. Buy it here.

5. Colorful Side Table

Adding a pop of color is an easy way to draw the eye, and excite. Pop some candles on top, or your favourite plant. Check out this side table, and let us know if you love it also.

6. Esschert Design Rusted Steel Fire Bowl

Let there be fire! Keep cozy at night, toast some mallows, gather around this rusted steel contemporary fire bowl and reminisce. Nah, better yet... plan the next adventure. Get it here.

7. WE Furniture Acacia Wood X-Frame Outdoor Bench

Solid Acacia wood is giving us all the feels of the outdoor, offering a non-conventional sitting option that looks great and can accommodate more of your awesome guests. Shop yours here.

8. Unique Loom Braided Jute Collection Hand Woven Natural Fibers White Area Rug (2' x 3')

Finish off the look with a boho inspired natural fibres area rug that has been meticulously hand braided in India. Our dear friends from Amazon save you the trip there when you get it here.

9. Mini Full HD Projector + Screen

Ah, the final piece to your well thought-out haven and a sure way to impress any guest. Host a movie night or a game night in the great outdoors with this mini HD projector that is sure to be just your ticket for the final WOW effect.

Looking for delicious grub to serve-up? Try out this Mexican-Style corn salad recipe for that delicious zesty summer hit. It'll surprise you how easy it is to make, and just how much you'll love it. Really.

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