Millie Bobby Brown Reigns Supreme as Today’s Pop-Culture Princess

Short of living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve likely given in to the worldwide phenomena that is Stranger Things. Since first hitting the airwaves three years ago (almost to the day), the Netflix smash has struck a chord with viewers far and wide for its darkly mysterious tone—on top, of course, from its charming cast of characters. Set in 1980s middle America, a close-knit group of misfits attempt to navigate past the supernatural forces and government exploits they encounter while unravelling a rolling set of extraordinary mysteries along the way.

Perhaps the most eccentric protagonist of them all is the one known simply as Eleven. Jane Hopper, otherwise known as “El,” is a high school outlier who possesses psychokinetic and telepathic abilities, making her the all but obvious choice to keep all others out of harms way. The beloved character is played by none other than Millie Bobby Brown. Born in Andalusia, Spain, Brown, along with her parents and siblings, relocated to England where she now splits time between London and Atlanta. Brown cut her teeth on the small screen playing supporting roles in various television shows, namely, Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS, before hitting her stride in Stranger Things.

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So much more than just a gifted actress, MBB has parlayed her love of acting into a role that intersects a bevy of artistic disciplines. Primarily known for her dramatic on-screen talents, the teenage thespian has since crossed over into the worlds of fashion and music—in a sense raising her stock as a budding performer into a bonafide pop-culture princess. Like many of you, we first got a taste of the star’s rapping prowess when she visited the set of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in 2016. Comparable to Nicki Minaj herself, Millie flowed to the hip-hop artist’s "Monster" verse, doing well to mimic the track’s cadence and hard-hitting delivery. With the crowd in complete awe, Brown stayed in pocket from start to finish while playfully dodging canned flocking flying every which way.

Her charm, wit, expertise and artistry endeared her to an audience hungry to follow a hollywood starlet as pure in heart as is in aptitude. What they got instead was a hungry up-and-comer on the verge of cross-pollinating her craft with other such expressive arenas.

How exactly did this come to be? Was it the sheer popularity of the prime-time show? Possibly. Her outright genius in front of the camera? Sure. Could it be her fresh, youthful appearance? Damn right. Whatever the case may be, Millie Bobby Brown can just as readily front a high-fashion lookbook campaign as she can a popular television program.

Let’s now take a look at some notable campaigns Millie Bobby Brown has starred in over the last little while.

Last summer, the Stranger Things star shocked the high-fashion world with her inclusion into Moncler’s tight-knit family. The Italian-based outerwear specialists launched its #MONCLERBEYOND initiative to which Brown participated in. A notable group of tastemakers, who Moncler describes as “pushing the limits, thinking deeper and taking it further” were profiled, which included each of their personal journey’s and creative purpose.

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Just a few months earlier, the actress was tapped to star in Calvin Klein’s “Our Family. #MyCalvins” campaign alongside both Paris Jackson and Lulu Tenney. Artistically on par with the Kardashian-Jenner sisters’s CK Fall/Winter 2018 presentation, famed sharpshooter Willy Vanderperre was called in to bring the visuals to life. With a vacant farmhouse set as the backdrop canvas, the star trio—clad in decorative white and red—took turns posing throughout the open space with the fashion house’s key garments grabbing the lion’s share of the attention.

Photo: Willy Vanderperre

Last, but certainly not least, Brown was chosen to breath new life into Converse’s heritage classic Chuck Taylor shoe. The short snippet highlights the young starlet watching old-school ‘80s films that showcase certain characters rocking the timeless sneaker silhouette. Although born in the early ‘00s, Millie Bobby Brown is more than familiar with the era’s stylistic aesthetic being that her show takes place within the same decade. Converse and Brown keep their collaborative relationship moving forward with news of a new project on the horizon. Earlier this week, Millie hit up Instagram to tease images of the new sneaker. Design details aside, whale prints can be seen brandishing the shoe, potentially alluding to an aquatic and/or sustainability theme. The new design will hit select Converse retailers come July 11.

Photo: Converse

Whether a fan of Millie herself, the commitment she exudes to perfecting her craft should be recognized and applauded beyond all conventional reasoning. Time and time again we’ve seen child stars rise up the Hollywood ranks only later to fall victim to the industry’s dark side, including financial fumbling, substance abuse and/or random acts of violence, amongst others. Not only has the award-winning artist managed to steer clear of such blunders, she continues to push forth an agenda that breeds environmental positivity. Successful in leveraging her star power for the greater good, Millie supplements her professional career with work outside film. Not only does she star in arguably the most popular television series currently out, Brown is the youngest person to feature on the Time 100 list of the world's most influential people and is the youngest person to be appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

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