TREND ALERT: Biker Shorts Make a Huge Comeback for Spring/Summer 2019

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Over the past few years, fashion’s ever-evolving landscape has undergone a sportswear renaissance of sorts, with key activewear pieces constantly being tweaked by some the game’s most influential tastemakers. Stylistically coming into play throughout much of the ‘70s, athletic garb, for the most part, served more of a functional role, leaving stylistic relevance dangling by the wayside, so to speak.

However, the industry as we know it today is one governed by fast fashion, which for the most part sees stopgap trends come in and out of our lives as fast as the common head cold. While brands such as ACRONYM, Patagonia and Stone Island push the progression needle forward by way of utilitarian advancement, just as many labels—if not more—look to integrate nostalgic, sport-inspired sentiments from decades past as a way to stand apart artistically. One needs to look no further back than 2016, when design maverick, Gosha Rubchinskiy, stunned style savants with the inclusion of several heritage sportswear brands into his own eponymous label’s seasonal lineup. Those of us fortunate enough to recollect ’80s throwback garb took a trip down memory lane, with names such as FILA, Kappa, Champion and others, being thrown back into the spotlight.

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Making all kinds of noise in the mid ‘70s, biker shorts, too, first broke ground for its serviceable practicality prior to any sort of fashionable flare. Worn by both novice and expert cyclists alike for its comfort and breathability, such skin-tight leg wear initially rose to fame for its resilient wind resistant properties and sound aerodynamic efficiency. Initially fashioned from knit wool, early versions helped protect wearers from visible leg markings brought on by prolonged riding sessions, while the chamois leather padding placed on the inside helped combat chafing caused by the bike’s saddle. Last but certainly not least, the item’s tight compression detail not only fends off muscular fatigue, but even eliminates the ongoing fear of material tangling up in the spokes, spelling tragedy any way you look at it.

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With that in mind, modernistic styles of today have moved well beyond the confines of fitting functionality and into the realm of avant-garde aesthetics. Consider this for a moment: When else in recent memory has there been a time that saw biker shorts star in just as many high-fashion campaigns as was spotted on actual riders cruising through city streets? None, according to our estimation.

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Upon closer examination of the current Spring/Summer 2019 season, biker shorts hit the scene in traditional activewear settings, having them paired with other “like-minded” pieces, namely, sports bras, track jackets, and T-shirts, while also highlighting them in more editorial street-style scenarios. But a quick Google search of “streetstyle biker shorts” conjures up a rash of images that showcase a multitude of ways in which such items can be stylized. A perfect accessory piece to virtually any casual ensemble, these sporty shorts can juxtapose chicly against boxy blazers, military-influenced outerwear, and slouchy sweaters, to name but a few. Throw in some on-trend accoutrements, such as a cross-body purse, branded waist pouch, oversized tote, belt, necklace and/or sunglasses and you’ll easily construct a fit worthy of a Kardashian.

And now, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some noteworthy options you can feel comfortable working into your wardrobe.

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