Travel Guides: See Why Everyone is Flocking to this Mexican Fresh Water Body

Roughly a five and a half hours drive south east of all the night-life, bar hopping, beautiful beaches, and tourist attractions that is the city of Cancun lies a hidden gem 2.5 hrs near the Belize border.

Photo Courtesy: Feather & The Wind

The city of Bacalar, dubbed Pueblo Magico aka "Magic Town" is all the charms you would expect of a small town but most definitely not the main reason you go there. La Laguna de los Siete Colores - The Lagoon of Seven Colors, aptly named for the beautiful turquoise hues is one of the world's most beautiful natural “pools” you could ever swim, snorkel or dive in, and is one of the hidden treasures of this once upon a time pirate-haven.

The lagoon has seven shades of blue, yes. One can even argue that there could be more. This narrow freshwater lake with a limestoned bottom is fed by underground cenotes and is the second largest natural body of freshwater in Mexico at 34 miles from tip to tip. Best viewed by boat or kayak, there are guided boat tours available which are much recommended.

One of the highlights includes an anchored stop near the “Pirate Channel” where a mud rub-down is said to have healing properties. Beware though, the mud smells like turd, but it is a fun experience nonetheless.

If poo-scented magic mud is not your thing, there are abandoned resto facades decked out in pose worthy graffiti leading up to a cement “ship” where you can walk the plank and dive back onto the turquoise waters.

Noteworthy Eats: La Playita

This beautiful space can proudly boast its “Location, location, location!”. Eat al fresco by the lake with amazing views, a swim in between courses, and food (and drinks) that won’t leave you disappointed.

Set a foot the lagoons edge, complete with a doc that allows you to walk into it's warm, salt-free waters. Lush trees surround the outdoor dining experience, offering ample shade and a magical setting in nature's own comfort.

Healthy Find: Mango y Chile

“100% plant-based delicious comfort food”. Need we say anything else? Oh, how about that it also has a view? Honestly, this place is a win-win. Grab an organic turmeric latte in their compostable cup (no choice, this is a plastic-free zone) or a delish veggie burger. This place goes on the list of “Repeaters”.

Authentically Mexican: El Pejelagarto de Bacalar

Mexican seafood at it’s authentic finest (complete with live music). Beware of the “green onion” looking condiments that are served with their delicious seafood soups because they’re not green onions... they are spicy AF chilis, and we’ve had a run in.

Want some Mexican feels at home? How about making this recipe for Mexican Corn Salad with an Asian twist.

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