5 Stylish Planters With Drainage

Overwatering is almost always the #1 reason houseplants die, which is largely due to the fact that very few indoor plant pots have drainage. Plant health is directly connected to root health, and when the plant's root sits in a puddle of water, the root will rot causing your plant to die. Once this happen, it is very hard to save the plant -- which leaves us with the sinking feeling of killing yet another plant. One tip we've obtained from our favorite florist is that the bigger the pot, the more water the soil will hold, which will mean less waterings. So keep that in mind when you feel the need to water, specially if your pot does not have a drain.

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Trendy looking pots rarely have this functionality, and oftentimes it leads to the sacrifice of style vs. effectiveness. We've compiled a list of our top 5 planters with drainage that are beautiful and functional, so go on and create your indoor oasis!

Gold and Marble Ceramic Planter

Ceramic finish that is clean and beautiful. Shop yours here

Sexangle Dual Succulent Pots in White

For your sexy looking pot, Shop here

Cylindrical Trio with Tripod

This cute trio is great in a cluster or on their own. The Euro style stand is trendy and elegant. Click link to Shop

Round Basin

Large round "canvas" to plant and arrange a pretty mini garden. Boasts bamboo drain dish. Shop here.

Marble Geometric Trio

Gorgeous geometric marble are all the goals in one cute trio. Including individual bamboo water trays to boot. here.

Check out what else is under the TRENDY scope at Fair Olive here.

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