TREND ALERT: 5 Lipsticks That Will Heat up Your Summer


The transition from spring to summer brings about change. A change in attitude, a change in clothing, and a change in makeup, amongst a whole host of others. Those of us out there who are forced to battle frigid temps 4-5 months out of the year experience a sense of wonderment with the arrival of welcomed warmth—and rightfully so.

As far as makeup goes—lipstick in particular—a seasonal shift such as this can easily unlock an individual’s adventurous side as it relates to physical appearances. Balmy breezes and scorching sun rays signal a move to set aside darker shades often associated with winter in order to make room for glowy glittery glam. Although soft pastels and lighter hues tend to show face amidst Mr. Sun, a fair share of electric pink lipsticks hit the scene with a reckless abandon, in a sense providing bold options for those looking to make a stylistic splash.

With that said, we thought to put together a list of some of our favorite styles that are sure to heat up your summer season. Without further delay, here is a breakdown of some noteworthy lipsticks that you should consider adding to your roster.

MAC Snob

Sporting a bold pink hue with a soft satin finish, this lively MAC offering boasts a shimmer-free shade with a cool lilac undertone residing beneath the surface. Available here.

MAC Lady Danger

The cosmetic conglomerate’s Lady Danger shade is another boldly-hued lipstick that is sure to amp up any warm-weather ensemble. Orange and red undertones highlight a clean semi-matte finish. Pick up one today.

Glossier Generation G Jam

Glossier’s Jam color from its Generation G lineup can best be described as a welcoming berry-tinted lipstick ideal for everyday use. A subtle rose-scented perfume helps accentuate it’s soft visual appeal. Available for purchase now.

Fenty Topic Tantrum

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line recently unveiled its vivid Topic Tantrum shade. Fuchsia pink grabs the lion share of the attention, with cool blue undertones acutely peaking out from beneath. Shop here.

Chanel Nuance Rouge Allure Velvet

A muted peach tone defines Chanel’s Nuance Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick. Its semi-matte finish glides on smoothly and is equipped to last throughout the day. Available here.

For more Spring/Summer finds, consider adding any one these sandals to your wardrobe.

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